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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) About Panther Trace Phase II
All residents who purchase or rent a home in Panther Trace Phase II are required to abide by the deed restrictions established by our Declaration of Covenants (found under the "Forms and Documents" tab on the home page).  
What do I need to do if I want to make changes to the exterior of my home or property? 
All homeowners must submit an Alteration Application at least 30 days prior to making any change to the exterior of their home or property.  The forms can be printed directly from our website, or you may visit the RealManage website at The completed form must be submitted with all necessary items (i.e. survey, contractor sheets, photos, etc.) to RealManage.  

Your request will be reviewed by the Architectural Committee for compliance with community documents and you will be notified by mail if your request is approved or denied.   Do NOT begin any projects prior to receiving written approval from the Association.

Why did I receive a "violation notice" in the mail? 
RealManage regularly inspects our community for violations of our community's governing documents.  Such violations cover everything from small items like a dirty mailbox, trash cans left in view, weeds in plants beds, and lawns in need of mowing, to larger items like trees in need of pruning, homes in need of repainting, and fences in need of repair.  If you receive a violation notice in the mail you are required to correct the specific violation in a timely manner and to maintain your property for continuous compliance.  These rules are intended to maintain the property value of your home and your neighbors homes.  
What can I do if I see a violation or problem in the community?
If you see something you believe to be a violation of the covenants, you may complete and submit an Enforcement Request Form in writing.  The form can be mailed to:
Panther Trace II
c/o RealManage - Tampa
5523 W. Cypress St. Suite 102
Tampa, FL 33607

Some issues may not be actionable items by the HOA and should be directed to the appropriate agency (i.e. Sheriff's office, county office, etc.).
What do my HOA assessments pay for and do I have to pay them?
HOA annual assessments at Panther Trace II HOA are mandatory for every property and homeowner.  The assessment you pay provides for the day-to-day operation of the community and supports the Association’s efforts to ensure that ALL properties abide by the covenants.  These efforts protect the long term value of all properties within Panther Trace II HOA by promoting compliance with the requirements for property maintenance and community living.  As a homeowner you MUST pay the annual assessment set by the Board of Directors as indicated in the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions (or see "Community Documents" tab).  An assessment notice and payment instructions are mailed annually to each owner of record, prior to the due date for the coming year.  Late payments and non-payments are subject to additional fees and legal action as per the governing documents and the adopted Uniform Collection Policy for your community.  If you are unable to make a timely payment for any reason, you MUST alert RealManage prior to the due date, preferably in writing (contact info above). 
Can homeowners attend HOA board meetings?
Yes, homeowners are welcome to attend all HOA board meetings.  Signs are posted in the community to announce each upcoming meeting date, time, and location.  The board will cover agenda items first, and time permitting, homeowners will have an opportunity to ask questions or make comments at the end of each meeting. The tentative board meeting schedule will also be linked on this website on the “Boards & Committees" page.
How do I contact the Panther Trace II Clubhouse?
You can reach the Panther Trace Phase II CDD Recreation Center at (813) 671-0831.  For additional contact details, please refer to Panther Trace Phase II CDD website at

Who do I contact with a concern about the community pool or other common areas?
Please contact the Panther Trace Phase II CDD Recreation Center at (813) 671-0831.  For additional information, please refer to Panther Trace Phase II CDD website at


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